Saturday, March 8, 2014

Biggest Post Wedding Mistakes!

Taking Too Long To Send Your Thank You Notes

People at your wedding DO think of the thank you notes you are going to send. Don't think your guests won't care about when they get there, or if they will get it at all. They might be looking forward to it if they got you a really great gift, or if they traveled a long way to be at your wedding!

Putting Off Creating Your Wedding Album

Don't just think "we have forever to do this". You might never get it done! Plus, there could be a deadline on when you can order your photos and don't want to miss out on having the pictures in the first place!

Waiting To Clean Your Gown

The longer you wait, the harder it is to remove stains. So even if you don't know what your going to do with it yet. Send it to get cleaned the next day if you can.

Alienating Your Friends And Family

It might be easy to spend all your time with your spouse at first. But make plans with your friends for a night out, or have dinner with the family. Not spending time with them right away, sets bad habits for your future social life. You will think, "I guess this is how married life is".

Skipping Vendor Reviews

While your opinions are fresh in your mind. Write a review on all the companies you used for future brides that might be using them!

Passing On Ring Insurance

You never know what can happen to them. It may seem like something silly even! But its a good idea.

Neglecting Your Workouts

You may have busted your butt off (literally) to make sure you can fit in your wedding gown. But don't let those good habits die when you get settled in with your new hubby! You won't regret keeping up with working out a few years down the road.

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