Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Changing Your Last Name..It's Simple!

If you think about it your last name is on everything. Your license, SS card, passport, bank account, bills, car registration, work systems, etc. So when you have to change that last name to something else, it can be a little overwhelming. But here are some simple steps on what should be done.

1. Changing your Social Security Card

  •     Gather all important documents. The documents the SSA need to change your last name are recent marriage certificate, divorce decree's (if applicable), Driver's license, and passport. Pretty much anything with your name on it that proves you live here.
2. Complete An Application

  •      You have to fill out a SS-5 form
3. Submitting An Application

  • You can take it to or mail to your local Social Security office.
  • After about 10 business days they will mail you your new Social Security card, it will have your old number with your new name.
4. Change Other Identification

  • Now you can go to the DMV and change your license.
  • Change your bank account name.
  • Contact your bills.
  • Let your work know.

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