Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Foods That Should Be Banned From Weddings!

There are some foods that just shouldn't be on the wedding menu. For lots of reasons being they are messy, difficult or unsafe!

One would be Bruschetta.
Messy messy messy! Crumbs and piled high tomatoes are just not a good idea for a wedding food.

A Raw Bar (Seafood)
To have a raw bar is very hard to accomplish. Certain sea food like oysters need to be completely chilled from they time they are caught, to when they get eaten. You don't want any one getting sick at your wedding from bad seafood!

Sliders are nothing more than predictable. Most people do them, and wedding guests are starting to expect them. Switch things up!

Chicken Marsala
Boneless chicken breast dries out by the time it is served to the guests. Serve bone in chicken with a crispy skin to keep all those juices inside and guests will be much more impressed.

Chocolate Fountains
Not only have they been done over and over. People would prefer fancier assorted truffles or fancy desserts. Also they can be unsanitary, we know SOMEONE is double dipping right?!

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