Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting Your Fiancé Involved In Your Wedding

       It's no secret the women run the wedding world. Usually the guy doesn't have too much input and usually has a remark such as "I just want to marry you, I don't care about the other stuff." Which is sweet, but then again we want to please them and their opinion matters to us. There are a couple ways to get him involved with somethings, and its all about how you go about it.

       If you want him to make more decisions with you, and you finally have him agree to that, don't give him a hundred questions he needs to answer right away only to have your opinion truly win the cake. Find something he is interested in. If he loves music, talk to him about the songs that you are going to dance to. If he is a foodie, ask him on his opinions about the menu.

      Also, you can't just throw a question at him every now and then and expect that to be "involvement". Men like to feel like they are in charge and informed of their jobs. Make sure you don't keep him out of the loop if you make a big decision, or else how is he supposed to get involved?

     A huge mistake that most brides make in the very beginning is they are so wrapped up when they first get engaged that this is when they leave the fiancé in the dark. It doesn't really occur to them to involve their fiancé till about the middle of their wedding planning. Truth is, a lot of men are actually interested in their wedding planning in the beginning as well. They just proposed and it is fresh in their minds also. But since they weren't automatically involved and their initial opinions were  subsided by the mother, mother in law and girlfriend's opinions the men take a mental step back when it comes to the planning.

    There are some men that no matter what you do, just don't want to much to do with it and thats just something future brides might have to deal with. In the end if something doesn't interest someone, you can't force it. If he will be happy with whatever you decide then more power to you!

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