Friday, April 18, 2014

The Things That Should Be On Your Gift Registry!

  1. Plates! Whether they are fancy china or colorful ceramic you should keep these on your list.

  2. Beautiful Things! You don't always have to ask for the practical stuff. Throw some decor items in there to decorate your new home with.

  3. A Cookbook! If you already know how to cook, ask for kitchen stuff instead. But if you feel like you could learn more, you should always have a quality cookbook on hand.

  4. Sheets! Sheets can sometimes be overpriced and you have a hard time buying them for yourself. But they can make an excellent necessary wedding gift!

  5. Serving Pieces! Don't forget about salad bowls and gravy boats! People tend to forget about those sort of things when they shop for themselves.

  6. Table Linens! Either a nice table cloth or nice place mats multiple kinds are great to have on hand.

  7. Towels! Everyone either has too many bad ones, or too little good ones. If someone is going to get you towels for your wedding gift you better believe they will probably be nicer ones.

  8. Glassware! Even if you already have a bunch, it won't hurt to get a nice new set.

  9. Cutlery! Knifes are always an awesome thing to collect in the kitchen. Imagine all the different ones you would get from guests!

  10. Curtains! It's always nice to have decent curtains hanging around.

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