Friday, April 11, 2014

What Type Of Reception Will You Have?

The great thing about the modern times, is there are so many new ideas for weddings that stray away from traditional..but not too far. There are different types of receptions you can have to change it up, fit your schedule, and save you money. You don't have to have the standard dinner and drinks reception. Maybe there is a different kind you want?

A Breakfast or Brunch Reception
Are you having a sun rise wedding? Or just want to get going in the morning and have fun the rest of the day? You can have your ceremony and then have breakfast/ brunch options to eat at the reception. Everyone loves that kind of food so you can't go wrong. Plus there are plenty of types of food that fits in to this category.

A Lunch Reception
Maybe you want to get married earlier in the day but still have plenty of time in the morning to get ready? Maybe having a lunch reception might be a better choice. There are still plenty of food options, and you don't need to have "fancy" AKA more expensive food at this type of reception because its lunch.

Afternoon Tea
Everyone wants to go to a fancy tea party. This could be your chance to host it! Have lots of tea options and small sandwiches and finger foods. This would add a certain class to your wedding that your guests will enjoy and remember. Plus, this would be a money saver on alcohol since people wouldn't drink as much of it.

Champagne and Cake Reception
This is probably the least expensive. Just make sure there is plenty of champagne and you will definitely get your cake eaten! You will save money on all the different types of food. However, you might not like this reception as much if you are planning on partying all night long.

Cocktail Party
This is great for small venues and close adult friends to mingle and have fun more like at a party. You could save money by not buying food, and spending it on a bartender and alcohol.

Perhaps these ideas might have swayed your opinion of receptions!

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