Friday, May 9, 2014

Color, Color, COLOR!

Let's face it color sets the tone for the whole wedding. I know I have talked about color before but it is important!

Now a days, it seems when you get older, your favorite colors become more sophisticated and you have way more than you did when you were six. Picking a color for your wedding is harder than people think but here are some ideas!

Collect Physical Color Pieces

Yes have a Pinterest board! But having a cork board with scraps of fabric and paper with your color on it will help you sense the colors at the real thing. Get shades! If you know pink is the color, collect different shades that you find and add them. It is also really fun!

Pick A Statement Piece

Look around at your venue, and sense the vibe. Is it a country style venue? Or more castle like? There are certain colors that go with certain styles. Get inspired!

Add Unexpected Colors

Pick a color that stands out. Like having a white wedding with white decor with bright turquoise accents. Or a color you never thought you liked like blood orange!

Or Have One Color Throughout The Wedding

Sometimes sticking with one color can be sleek and modern. One color brightly displayed throughout the venue could be beautiful and add so much depth.

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