Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Making The Guest List!

Picking the guests that come to your wedding can be nerve racking. You know hundreds of people and just can't decide what to do! Follow these guidelines to help!

Inviting Friends

The first friends to go on the list are probably those family friends that are really close to your parents and always treated you like their own little niece or nephew.

If you haven't talked to them in years and they haven't made an effort to get together, then keep them off the list. If its a close friend that lives across the country but is really close to you personally. Give them a call and see if it would even be possible. If so, add them!

Picking Relatives

Obviously pick immediate family to be invited. As well as aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.
When if comes to relatives that are more distant, the rule of thumb is to either invite them ALL or none. If you invite your second cousin and not her family your going to have an interesting conversation next family reunion.

Picking Co-workers

Same rule of thumb as picking distant relatives. Either invite everyone you talk to, or none at all. Just think you SEE those people everyday, you definitely don't want to create awkwardness in that department.

Should You Have Plus-Ones?

Couples always debate whether to have their guests bring an extra person you don't know. On one hand you have a bunch of people you don't know at your wedding. But also you don't want your guests to be alone. You could always have them invite their significant other only. But if you do this, you need to do it across the board.

Hopefully these guidelines help when making that important list!

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