Monday, May 5, 2014

Planning Your Menu!

Are you a person who wants to have a memorable meal at your wedding? There are some things to think about and add to your check list.

Serve What You LIKE

You don't want to have a huge fancy meal full of things you haven't even tried, let alone enjoy eating. Serve the type of cuisine you love the most!

Accommodate Guests, To A Point

Your meal should reflect you, but you should also make it guest friendly. Some people have certain food allergies or obligations. Of course you can't help everyone, but you could have a vegetarian dish, and a gluten free one available. Also, if you and your future spouse love spicy, you might not want to have everything fire burning hot. Have some hot sauce available for those who agree.

Focus on Local and Seasonal Ingredients

You want your food to be as fresh as possible. So if you don't live by the sea, you might not want to have a huge sea food dinner. Look up whats in season for your wedding date and add those ingredients in to your meal. It will make a HUGE difference, and it will be remembered.

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