Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Top 10 Biggest Mistakes When Planning A Wedding

Lack Of Personality

So you know you want everything elegant, clean and sophisticated. But when you finally fold the last napkin you look around and ANYONE could get married right there right now. You forgot to add in the personal preferences and things that you both admire! Personality of a wedding makes it rememberable!

Wasting Money

Weddings can cost a lot of money. So don't be ushered in to spending more than you should! Don't get talked in to the most expensive wedding dress or band. You can still have a great wedding without  spending extreme extras.

Forgetting What A Wedding Really Is

You will waste most of your time planning all the fun decorations and food for the reception. But don't forget that its the wedding ceremony you will remember and cherish forever. Spend extra time on the song and vows.

Not Knowing The Master Of Ceremonies

The officiant for the wedding ceremony and the MC or Dj for the reception set the mood. You want to make sure that they are going to keep the guests entertained and involved and to keep them moving to where they need to go. If you get a boring officiant you could have people falling asleep, if you have a boring MC people might want to go home early because they aren't having fun. Pick fun strong personalities for both.

Thinking "It Could Never Rain On My Wedding Day"

Most of the time the people that think this, it happens to. Even if the weather report says 30% chance of rain, crazier things have happened! Make sure to have an indoor option available. Or at least a hard floor to stand on and umbrellas on hand.

Forgetting About Your Budget

You might start off great having everything in your price range, but it is easy to get carried away with it and start splurging. Remember, you set a budget for a reason. They are important to follow.

Getting Trashed The Night Before The Wedding

This one should hopefully be a no brainer but it happens. Bottom line you are going to feel like crap on your wedding day and you won't enjoy it to its full extent. Plan a drinking party 4-7 days before the wedding, instead of right before.

Being Inconsiderate

Everyone knows your the star of the show, but don't disregard people too much. Some people are helping you and visiting you not just to be at your wedding but to see you and talk to you! Don't forget to give people praise when needed.

Not Involving Your Better Half

Your groom might act like its all up to you and that he doesn't care, but make sure you never miss a moment to try to involve him. Its the thought that counts and he will remember that.

Losing Perspective

Don't get caught up in the small details of things when you should be relaxing getting ready for the biggest day of your life! Take a deep breath and let it go or have someone else handle it.

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