Friday, June 27, 2014

Quick Tip: Writing Your Own Vows


     Writing your own vow's can sometimes be stressful. You want to say the right thing, and only so many words to say it. Make sure to start early. Make a rough draft and go back taking things out and adding things in to perfect it. If you get stuck, look through old love notes, e-mails, pictures, or texts for inspiration! Add the ultimate personal touch!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Saving Money An Easy Way!

        The trick is to get a really great unique venue. If you get a place like a landmark, aquarium, planetarium, beach, museum, or gallery, half your decorating is done for you!
        Too much decoration on all of that scenery or natural beauty will just be too much. You will save so much more money on all the little decorations you were going to get just to make the place look less bland. 
        Plus, venues like this will aw your guests and the memory will be bold!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Get First Looks With More Than Just The Groom

      There are other loved ones at your wedding who will be just as bewildered as the groom at seeing the beautiful bride transformation. Those moments also make extraordinary photos that that person will also no doubt be grateful for. 

     The father is one person who should get a first look special moment. Or someone like a grandparent who has been around your whole life. Make sure your photographer is handy when those moments happen!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

10 Worst Things That Could Happen On Your Wedding Day

Are you one of those people who NEED to plan ahead no matter what? You need to be prepared for every situation, especially the ones at your wedding. Here is a list of the worst things that could go wrong at your wedding.

1. Having a bridesmaid, or guest spill their drink on your dress
    This is a major no, no in the wedding world. If you want to avoid this happening. Drink white wine or champagne instead of red. Better yet drink water if you can. And try to be weary people with colorful drinks.

2. A Bridesmaid or Groomsmen is MIA
    You can try to avoid this one by making sure everyone has alarms set if you have a morning wedding. The most common thing is that they sleep in. Or have the maid of honors job be to make sure the wedding party is on their toes with phone call check ups.

3. Weather is Threatening
     Always, always, have a back up plan when it comes to any kind of outdoor wedding. You never know what is going to happen, even weather reports have been known to be wrong.

4. LOTS of Unexpected Guests Show Up
    It's hard to avoid this if its going to happen. If extra guests do show up, let your wedding coordinator handle it. They will figure out the food and chair arrangements. Don't let little things get you down, they probably came with the best intentions.

5. During The Ceremony A Baby or A Cell Phone Keeps Going Off 
  If you are worried the babies might ruin the ceremony, ask for very young children not to attend, or hire a babysitter to entertain them during the ceremony. Also, have your ushers or someone in the bridal party quietly remind people to turn their cells off.

6. During His Toast, The Best Man Says Something Really Inappropriate 
    Avoid this by letting them know ahead of time, whats acceptable and whats not. If its too late, just quickly move on and hopefully everyone will forget shortly.

7. Last Minute, A Family Member Changes In To A Horrible Outfit
    Make sure you talk to everyone and let them know you want them to stay in a certain style/color range, if thats important to you. If it happens anyway, just let it go. Everyone is paying attention to the bride and groom anyway. Don't let that spoil it.

8. Your Flower Girl Refuses To Walk Down The Isle 
    You have to practice practice practice with young kids. Most do fine at the rehearsal and get nervous at the main ceremony. If you sense it happening, have them walk down with a bridesmaid.

9. One Of The Guests Has An Allergic Reaction To The Food
Put on the RSVP card for them to let you know if anyone has a food allergy. Make sure there are items they can eat.

10. Your Bridesmaid Had A BreakUp And Is Teary At The Wedding
      Make sure you give her plenty of attention about her break up before the wedding happens. Make sure she gets all her feelings out and doesn't bottle them up and explode at your wedding.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Quick Tip! Marriage License

When you get the wedding license. Make sure to get two or three copies. That way, you can change over multiple documents to your last name at once. And you don't have to worry about losing your one and only copy somewhere to the government world. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5 Ways To Recycle Your Wedding Flowers!

So, the wedding is over and you are left with hundreds of flowers. It is a shame to throw them all away. There are some things that can reuse those beautiful flowers!

1. Use potted plants as centerpieces. Make them cute and different sizes and after wards you can take them home or the guests can!

2. Use the petals as wedding confetti. Have everyone grab as many flowers as they can, and when you leave the wedding everyone can throw the petals in the air. Then you can have petals on you and not rice or sprinkles everywhere!

3. Use Succulents. They definitely have a rustic modern look to them. And when the wedding is done, you can replant them!

4. Donate them to charity. Even if they will last a couple days after your wedding. Hospitals, nurseries, rest homes, and homeless shelters always welcome a nice bouquet.

5. Turn your flowers in to a card! There are new easy ways to make recycled papers at home, and it could be a fun memorable activity.

So don't be afraid to get those extra flowers you have been thinking about!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Take Advantage of Your Dress Rehearsal


     When it comes the day to practice hair, make up and getting in and out of your dress take advantage of that time to take the bride portraits. This will not only save time during your wedding for pictures, but you won't feel rushed or have to worry about the groom seeing you in your dress. 

      Have your photographer find a nice pretty spot that won't get your dress dirty, and of course make sure you have some help getting in and out of it! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Quick Tip To Not Bore Your Guests!

Yes this day is ALL about you two. But your guests also want to have fun. Remember to keep them in mind when doing some wedding traditions.

Try to keep your first dance to the two minute mark. Guests love to see you sway back and forth but not for ten minutes.


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lets Talk Destination Weddings!

I am sure everyone would love to have a destination wedding. Getting married in a different country  or land would definitely be a day to be remembered. But lets explain a little more about these special weddings and why people are all for them, and why people say yeah right.

Worlds Best Places For A Destination Wedding!

Las Vegas
Costa Rica

Most of these places are a tropical paradise, so you can tell what most couples have a desire for!
All these places have resorts, and those resorts already have wedding packages and such for destination weddings!

Pro's and Cons of a Destination Wedding!

Pro: It is actually pretty affordable to have a destination wedding! Like I mentioned, most resorts already have a package deal for the wedding, so odds are it would be one fee. Plus with a   smaller guest list, there are less people to accommodate for.

Con: Its not affordable for your GUESTS. Most of the time guests would have to pay their own plane tickets and room tickets for your wedding, which not all people are prepared to do. 

Pro: A small guest list is less stress for you! You can finally just invite those people you really wanted there, and not send a guilty invitation to the friend you haven't talked to in three years.

Con: A smaller guest list might hurt some feelings. You might want to think about sending people invites anyway to avoid hurt feelings.

Pro: You are already at your honeymoon! You can start your relaxation right away!

Con: Your parents and maybe the guests that are there are on your honeymoon with you. You can't exactly ask them to stay in the Caribbean for a day and then head home. So either establish that you guys are going to have some alone time, or turn it in to a family get together!

How to destination weddings sound now??

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