Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5 Ways To Recycle Your Wedding Flowers!

So, the wedding is over and you are left with hundreds of flowers. It is a shame to throw them all away. There are some things that can reuse those beautiful flowers!

1. Use potted plants as centerpieces. Make them cute and different sizes and after wards you can take them home or the guests can!

2. Use the petals as wedding confetti. Have everyone grab as many flowers as they can, and when you leave the wedding everyone can throw the petals in the air. Then you can have petals on you and not rice or sprinkles everywhere!

3. Use Succulents. They definitely have a rustic modern look to them. And when the wedding is done, you can replant them!

4. Donate them to charity. Even if they will last a couple days after your wedding. Hospitals, nurseries, rest homes, and homeless shelters always welcome a nice bouquet.

5. Turn your flowers in to a card! There are new easy ways to make recycled papers at home, and it could be a fun memorable activity.

So don't be afraid to get those extra flowers you have been thinking about!

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  1. Awesome ideas.. I find such a ingenious ideas to avoid the wastage of flowers and recycled expertly. I have faced the same problem with flowers in my cousins wedding which is held in party venues in long island. Mostly I love the idea of 4 and 5 which is really different. Thanks