Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lets Talk Destination Weddings!

I am sure everyone would love to have a destination wedding. Getting married in a different country  or land would definitely be a day to be remembered. But lets explain a little more about these special weddings and why people are all for them, and why people say yeah right.

Worlds Best Places For A Destination Wedding!

Las Vegas
Costa Rica

Most of these places are a tropical paradise, so you can tell what most couples have a desire for!
All these places have resorts, and those resorts already have wedding packages and such for destination weddings!

Pro's and Cons of a Destination Wedding!

Pro: It is actually pretty affordable to have a destination wedding! Like I mentioned, most resorts already have a package deal for the wedding, so odds are it would be one fee. Plus with a   smaller guest list, there are less people to accommodate for.

Con: Its not affordable for your GUESTS. Most of the time guests would have to pay their own plane tickets and room tickets for your wedding, which not all people are prepared to do. 

Pro: A small guest list is less stress for you! You can finally just invite those people you really wanted there, and not send a guilty invitation to the friend you haven't talked to in three years.

Con: A smaller guest list might hurt some feelings. You might want to think about sending people invites anyway to avoid hurt feelings.

Pro: You are already at your honeymoon! You can start your relaxation right away!

Con: Your parents and maybe the guests that are there are on your honeymoon with you. You can't exactly ask them to stay in the Caribbean for a day and then head home. So either establish that you guys are going to have some alone time, or turn it in to a family get together!

How to destination weddings sound now??

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