Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guest Quilt!

You want to remember all your guests at your wedding just as much as all the other glamorous extremities. After all without them the wedding would be a little more...boring. But! There is one cute craft idea that will make them feel super special, and will keep them in your memories as well.

Making a guest quilt! Along with the invitations, send each guest a square of fabric for them to decorate at their choosing. Tell them to send it back with their RSVP and before the wedding comes around sew all the patches together in to a quilt! Odds are someone in the family or friends will know a thing or two about sewing and can help out.

Have the quilt on display at your wedding and your guests will be so excited to see their work of art displayed proudly! 


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Treat Bags For Guests!

If you have guests flying all the way in to come to your wedding. Often they are tired and hungry from the plane ride. If you know where they are all staying, why not give them a surprise at check in?!

Make custom goodie bags for your guests with food and a thank you note that they can get when they check in. It will get them in the mood for the wedding and they will be really touched at the gesture.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Including Your Baby In Your Wedding

Let's face it, its the 21st century. People are going to have babies with previous husbands or wives or even with each other before the big day. For some, it might be very important to make sure their baby is somehow noticed in this joining together.

Like all things there are some Pro's and Con's.

These are based off of young sons or daughters. Obviously older kids wouldn't be too much of a hassle.


Babies are unpredictable. Even if they have napped, or just got a new toy, you never know when they might throw in to a fit. This is the main problem when it comes to having them in the ceremony. They also do not like to sit still or they might get confused when asked to do something specific.


The pro is that your baby will be a part of your special day. You will also get a ton of pictures of them with your groom doing baby things!

If you do decide to bring your baby, make sure to either hire a caregiver or designate a babysitter during the wedding. You will not have time to take care of them the whole wedding and reception.

Also, if you want pictures of your baby, good ones. Consider having that photo shoot before the ceremony when the outfit and attitude is still fresh!

Monday, July 14, 2014

DJ's and the sound system check

At a recent wedding I attended the DJ did not check the system prior to the ceremony. The sound kept cutting in and out and was difficult for the audience to hear what was being said and the officiant to keep his message running smoothly. Check to make sure your DJ is present and set up at least one hour before the ceremony begins to check the system.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Picking Colors and Designs

Everyone is always excited to get all their favorite details out there when a wedding is on the way. Decor, colors, schemes, flowers, etc.

 But You should pick your venue before deciding these important decisions. You could be set on three colors, get to your venue, and find out those colors would be laughable in there. 

Certainly don't purchase anything till you find your right venue, you could be in for a disappointment. 


Monday, July 7, 2014

Let's Talk, Wedding Insurance

Ever heard of it? It does exist! Of course everyone hopes for things to go smooth sailing on their wedding day but there are things that can happen!

It could cover things like, loss of deposits, wedding gown mishaps, ring loss, sudden illness, bad photographs, food problems and more!

In most states, it costs around $200 or less to get everything covered. This definitely would be a great idea for a large wedding and large venue. The insurance money might seem a lot more worth it if something happens that threatens thousands!

(picture source)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Be Organized!


About a month out from the wedding, create lists of things left to do, and a list of all the contact information for the people working for your wedding. It's great to have one thing you can have as a reference, then trying to find a business card at the last minute.
     Also figure out who is going to be the MC of your wedding. It can be a family member or friend. 
     Just make sure its someone with a good sense of humor and can get peoples attention.