Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Including Your Baby In Your Wedding

Let's face it, its the 21st century. People are going to have babies with previous husbands or wives or even with each other before the big day. For some, it might be very important to make sure their baby is somehow noticed in this joining together.

Like all things there are some Pro's and Con's.

These are based off of young sons or daughters. Obviously older kids wouldn't be too much of a hassle.


Babies are unpredictable. Even if they have napped, or just got a new toy, you never know when they might throw in to a fit. This is the main problem when it comes to having them in the ceremony. They also do not like to sit still or they might get confused when asked to do something specific.


The pro is that your baby will be a part of your special day. You will also get a ton of pictures of them with your groom doing baby things!

If you do decide to bring your baby, make sure to either hire a caregiver or designate a babysitter during the wedding. You will not have time to take care of them the whole wedding and reception.

Also, if you want pictures of your baby, good ones. Consider having that photo shoot before the ceremony when the outfit and attitude is still fresh!

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